Data Audit

Develop custom analytics framework and craft custom KPI's that are aligned with business goals

Data Optimizations

Demonstrate performance lift in media and channel mix by enhancing media plans, refining audience targeting and optimizing budget forecasting

Data Insights

Investigate user-behavior on site, implement customer segmentation and run cohort analysis

Data Iteration

Develop and implement internal best practices to ensure sustained performance and measurable impact



Start-up Phase

Analytics tracking code and tag management, pixel implementation and migration of SEO, SEM and Paid Media cost data

Launch Phase

External analytics vendor selection, implementation, QA and alignment with business goals and KPIs

Growth Phase

Goal Tracking, Shopping Cart optimization, Product List management, integration with back-end inventory software or front-end CRM databases

Mature Phase

Advanced e-commerce solutions, cross-device and cross-media attribution modeling, A/B Testing and Conversion-Rate Optimization